Using My Tesco Credit Card Abroad: A Guide

Traveling aboard means I’ll use my Tesco credit card a lot. This is because it offers ease and safety. But, it’s key to know about fees and charges. Every buy I make abroad with my card has a 2.75% foreign exchange fee1. Luckily, Clubcard Plus Credit Card users don’t pay this fee1.

Taking out cash adds a 3.99% fee, plus any foreign exchange charges. And, there’s always a fee of at least £3 to remember1. Keeping track of expenses while out of the country is easier with Tesco credit card’s travel insurance and clear exchange rates1.

If I need quick cash, there’s a 1% charge and the usual 2.75% foreign exchange fee1. With this info and my guide on using the Tesco credit card overseas, I feel ready. I can handle international fees without worry. Especially since, on June 6, 2022, the exchange rate was €1 = 0.859118 on Mastercard and €1 = 0.858618 on VISA1.

Pre-Travel Checklist for Your Tesco Credit Card

Before setting off, it’s key to get things right with my Tesco credit card for smooth travel. Checking in with Tesco Bank Travel Insurance is smart. They cover up to 4 kids under 18 for free on policies2. Knowing I can chat with an English-speaking GP if needed brings peace of mind2.

Getting a health check is also crucial. I make sure to pack a first aid kit with pain relievers and more2. I also check if the water’s safe to drink where I’m going2. A quick dental check-up can prevent future pain, as EHIC/GHIC might not fully cover dental emergencies abroad2.

When planning my budget, I explore Tesco’s free delivery on orders over £5003. I compare the cost of small pleasures in Europe, like coffee or beer3. Plus, I’m up-to-date with Croatia’s euro switch, making currency handling easier there3.

The Post Office’s Travel Money service has my attention for cash needs, with zero commission on many currencies4. Their Travel Money Card offers contactless payment in over 20 currencies and a chance to win £50004. Their app promises a smoother travel handling, from booking hotels to lounge access4.

Country Mid-Range Meal for Two Cappuccino Beer (0.5 litre) Soft Drink
Spain €47.50 €1.64 €2.00 €1.50
France €60.00 €2.84 €5.50 €2.90
Italy €60.00 €1.35 €4.00 €2.10
Netherlands €75.00 €2.50 €3.50 €2.25
Ireland €69.00 €3.00 €4.80 €1.80

As a smart traveler, I use these prices to make good choices on where to use my credit card3. Avoiding unexpected fees is key to enjoying my trip. With careful planning and up-to-date apps, I’m set for a journey filled with wonder, not unwelcome surprises.

Using Tesco Credit Card for Travel

Understanding Fees and Charges with Your Tesco Credit Card Abroad

Traveling internationally means watching out for extra costs from using my Tesco credit card. Every time I buy something in a foreign currency, there’s a 2.75% fee added on1. But, if you have a Clubcard Plus Credit Card, you don’t pay these fees1. For cash withdrawals at ATMs, except in Euros, I get hit with two fees: a 1% cash withdrawal fee plus a 2.75% foreign exchange fee1. So, planning your spending is crucial to avoid surprises.

Knowing how Tesco handles currency exchange is important for managing travel money. Visa and Mastercard offer good exchange rates, for example, €1 might be £0.858618 with Visa and £0.859118 with Mastercard on a certain day1. After the foreign exchange fee, spending €100 costs roughly £88.27 with Mastercard and £88.22 with Visa1. It’s smart to remember these details when thinking about using your Tesco credit card abroad.

When it comes to cash withdrawals, the differences in fees stand out more. Using a Mastercard abroad could lead to £91.70 charged for withdrawing £100, including all fees1. With a Visa debit card, the same withdrawal would cost you £88.221. Exploring different cards and banks can save you money. Options like Wise, which charges as little as 0.2% for exchanges, or Starling Bank’s fee-free debit Mastercard, are much cheaper for foreign transactions5. For finding the best money transfer services, I use Monito. It helps millions of travelers each year5.

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